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on fox 5 morning news. >> governor romney has called the president of united states out of touch. out of touch? romney? romney? . >> vice president biden with some sharp criticism of mitt romney but romney about is to pick i'm key endorsement. we'll have that coming up next -- to pick up a key endorsement. we'll have that coming up. >>> it will be breezy out there and cooler than yesterday. i'm have the details on the forecast and julie wright has a look at the traffic right after the break. q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.  you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. . >>> come on, everybody. earl scruggs, famous for his disckive bang owe style, has died. he pipe eared the five-string bang owe. >> he is credited with creating
. >>> candidates piling on mitt romney after someone from his own camp on a cable network station. we'll explain as we continue. >> dense fog advisory in the area. i'll have details on the weather forecast and julie has a look at your traffic. some fog developing out there.  [ female announcer ] off limits? not anymore. fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, you can have brownies again. ♪ fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. . >>> welcome back. you can kind of see something out thrashings few lights. a little difficult though. >> what happened to wisconsin avenue? >> fog is out there again, folks. we were dealing with it yesterday. so just kind of remind yourself as you head out today. -- we can kind of see something out there, a few lights. >> it was 6:00 when the sun finally came out. >> it was beautiful from 6:00 to 7:00. >> you need to hold that big bright tie out there. >> i'll do the best i can. sarah
romney will eventually become the nominee. the long, drawn-out cam pawn appears to be pushing some of the candidates no their boiling point. >> reporter: the pressure is on as rick santorum lashes out at a reporter on the campaign trail. santorum calling rival mitt romney, quote, the worst republican in the country to go up against barack obama. the former pennsylvania senator later saying he meant romney can't stand up to obama on health care. his temperature pear flaring during a confrontation way "new york times" reporter. juror to run against obama on the issue of health care because he fashioned the blueprint. i've been saying it in every speech. quit distorting my words. if i see it, it is bull -- >> reporter: rome me tries to distance himself from the health care bill. >> there are a lot of reasons not to like obamacare. my colleagues listed a whole series of them. there were about 30 things. i chuckled as i looked down just shaking my head at the things it is doing. >> reporter: santorum continues attacking romney though his chances of closing the gap grow slimmer by the da
swing state of ohio where romney has been gaining steam on rick santorum. >>> thwarting iran's nuclear ambition. that was the focus of three hours of talk between president obama and the israeli prime minister. >> president obama says he wants to give diplomacy more time. netanyahu defended israel's right to remain master of its fate. we have a report. >> reporter: in his previous washington visits, benjamin netanyahu had clashed with president obama on the palestiniand israel's borders. >> i want to welcome prime minister netanyahu. >> this time, iran is center stage. the president said his preferred course is diplomacy. >> i reserve all options and my policy here is not going to be one of containment. my one is prevention of iran obtaining nuclear weapons. >> reporter: but looking directly at the president, the prime minister said, if iran is close to obtaining nuclear weapons, israel will take actions. >> to defend itself by itself against any threat and that, when it comes to israel's security, israel has the right, the soft right, to make its own decision. >> reporter: the meeting
on the forecast. we'll look at the five-day forecast in just a minute. >>> a big night for mitt romney topping our stories this morning. he handily won five of the 10 states in the super tuesday contest including virginia but he and ron paul were the only ones on the ballot. he also squeaked out a victory against rick santorum in ohio. but santorum's camp says it was happy with the results having been outspent massively by romney. >>> a flu strain is being linked to the deaths of family members in calvert county. three people have died. two of them were infected with influenza a that was made worse by a bacterial coinfection. >>> karen toles was pulled over last month driving more than 100 miles per hour on the highway. the officer gave her a ticket forren up safe lane change, not speeding. but now they say she should have received two citations. >>> it is now down to the top 13 on american idol and the final contestants are taking on music ledgened stevie wonder and the late whitney houston for the title. >> just a little pressure doing those songs. ann springer has more. >> the top 13, come on o
in his mother to try to his peaceful crepedder. >>> a little closer to home. mitt romney wins illinois. -- to try to negotiate his peace of surrender. >>> a little closer to home, mitt romney wins illinois. >>> a group of montgomery county school employees are suing their principal for bullying. six teachers and staff members at camel mill elementary accused principal floyd starnes of demanding they ignore suspected child abuse, inappropriate touching of students and staff. more on this one later this morning. >>> the justice department and the fbi opened an investigation into the death of a black teenager into florida. in fact, the mayor of the town flew here to d.c. to meet with federal investigators. >> the deadly shooting of trayvon martin by a hispanic neighborhood watch cap than a has sparked national outrage. we have a look at the fallout. >> reporter: the shooting of 17- year-old trayvon martin has captured the nation's attention. the black teenager was shot and killed in a gated community by neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman who said he thought martin was a suspiciou
everything they can to knock down mitt romney. rick santorum claimed the dominating win in kansas but lost to romney. he says he for romney gets the nomination, it won't truly be what republicans want. >> the establishment is trying to force a moderate republican from massachusetts down the throats of the american people and if we have to go for a convention, we'll win at a convention. i have no doubt about that. >> right now, romney has more than twice as many presumed delegates as rick santorum. >>> the u.s.s. enterprise is making its last voyage. the aircraft carrier left virginia yesterday and is heading for the strait of hormuz. the crew will answer the strain of threats from iran to close that strait. the enterprise has a 52-year history. it is the first aircraft carrier ever deployed. >>> so how much is it costing you to fill up your gas tank? coming up next, more pain at the pump. but we could see some relief. let's hope. >> let's hope so. we'll explain why prices could fall soon. >> we've got a day that is not going to be too bad temperature- wise. the temperatures are on the rise
, no arrests. >>> the race for the white house, mitt romney scores an overwhelming victory in yesterday's primary in puerto rico. and because he got more than 50% of the vote, he winds all 20 delegates. they are focusing on tomorrow's primary contest in illinois. >>> we are taking a closer look on the toll on american soldiers serving in the war zone. the attorney for the american soldier accused of the shootings robert bales says his client didn't think he would be deployed for a fourth time. some on capitol hill are sounding off. >> reporter: as the fallout continues -- >> he and family were toll that his tours were over. and then literally overnight that changed. >> reporter: there are new questions about the responsibility of americans deployed to war zones. >> troops are being asked to do an unprecedented amount of work. such a small group of people, less than one-half of 1% of the american public. >> reporter: since 21, more -- since 2001, soldiers have been deployed three or more times. and the afghan president saying he wants troops withdrawn from rural areas. >>> i have said ge
and primaries in the deep south. mitt romney was not expected to do well in alabama and mississippi today but rick santorum and newt gingrich are splitting the conservative vote. it is a three-way tie going into the polls. >>> more than a dozen people behind bars this morning. this after d.c. police carried out a sting operation busting local businesses accused of selling stolen goods. officers seized electronic device including cell phones and ipads as well as drugs. police say the businesses were feeding off the armed robberies and stick high pressure ups that have plagued the city this year. >>> another big name, big edition for the american idol. tommy hilfiger has been brought in as an image advisor to the finalists. >> we have a report from casey steigel. >> reporter: helping transform these unknown sippingers into household names, american idol is upping the ante this season by bringing in design icon tommy hilfiger to complete the package. >> it is sort of like a mentoring or sort of like a fashion advisor where look at all the contest apts and i will help them mold and shape thei
sweeps the south. he won both in alabama and mississippi. mitt romney is now facing questions about his ability to woo southern conservatives. that means the republican nominating process will go all the way to the convention in tampa this august. >>> construction on the new metro purple line could mean big changes for a busy trail in montgomery county. >> every day, mary and her dog george take a stroll on the capital crescent trail. >> i don't want to lose it. on the other hand, if it is $47 million versus something much cheaper, then are we putting the money in the right place. >> 47 million is about what it would take to keep this trail under wisconsin avenue. this portion of the heavily traveled trail will be demolished when work on the purple line begins in 2016. to keep the trail alongside the purple line some say would be risky. >> by trying to do it that way, we will put at risk the building that it is going under, that the structural changes that would have to be made are such that it would have a high risk of structural damage to that building which could cost another $50 mi
are set for next tuesday. >>> mitt romney took some time off the campaign trail to appear on the tonight show with jay leno. romney spoke about politics with leno sharing his thoughts on how president obama has handled the wars in afghanistan and iraq. >> i think the president made a mistake in not giving the troops the number of troops that were necessary for the surge and believe that we have a potential of doing in afghanistan what happened in iraq, which is we pulled out without a status of forces agreement that would leave enough troops behind to give a greater certainty to our success and our mission. >> and there were a few laughs as. we the next batch of republican contests or tuesday in d.c., maryland and wisconsin. >>> the megamillions jackpot has now reached an all-time , m i can't believe it. no megajackpot winners last night but a few tickets in our area are worth a quarter of a million dollars. i'll take that. >> i will too. get your tickets. we'll run down the numbers as we continue. gilled take about five bucks. be happy with that too. let's get right to the forecast. we'
says reports of shooting are completely out of character for the man i know. >>> the romney campaign sees today's contest in illinois as a potential breaking point for his rivals who vowed to stay in the race until the gop's national convention in august. >>> the national cherry blossom festival checks off today and also today, peak bloom starts. that is when 70% of the blossoms that surround the tidal basin are expected to be open. >>> a special dog used to help people is getting much-needed help of her own. her name is red and she is one of last surviving search and rescue dogs deployed in the 9- 11 attacks. less than 24 hours ago, the 12- year-old black lab underwent stem cell regeneraltive therapy to help ease her crippling arthritis. nell sop jones was at the virginia clinic with red and gives us an inside look this morning. >> hey, buddy. >> i got her as a puppy. you have to convince she does with climbing ladders or any kind of search that it is her idea so she made me a much better trainer and then she discovered if she finds people, she gets hot dogs. she's done everything f
about the future. i think there is one candidate in the race who can do that and that is mitt romney. >> reporter: the economy is certainly on voters' minds. capitol hill is also glancing a wary glance toward the middle east. >> reporter: richard blumenthal and lindsay graham both said president obama needs to tell the israelis specifically what the u.s. will and won't do to support them. they urgeed a strong stance in afghanistan. >> if we leave and it falls back into taliban hands and al- qaeda re-emerges, we'll pay a heavy price. history will not judge us by the day we left but what we left behind. >> reporter: indiana governor mitch daniels hay way of putting politics in perspective. >> when mother nature decides to work her wrath on we mere mortals, you remember how inadequate sometimes the best of human action can be. >> melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >>> we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. ight now. >>> it is monday, march 5th, 2012. a beautiful look at the washington monument. some wintry
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